Testimonials from my clients

Dear home buyer / seller:

Congratulations on choosing Emily Lim to represent you in one of the most important decisions you'll ever make - purchasing or selling a home. We've had the privilege of both buyer and selling our home with Emily over a four year period. It has been a wonderful experience on both accounts.

We first met Emily when wanting to purchase a home in Redwood Shores after relocating here from the east coast. Emily was very informative and patient with us as we went through our search process. She was able to quicly learn our personal likes and dislikes and did a great job previewing homes for us. Within a very short period of time, Emily was able to find the type of house we were looking for, and helped us strategize to "outbid" other interested parties. We felt that given the real estate market at that time, she worked very hard to get us the best purchase price possible.

Four years after we bought our home with Emily's assistance, we turned to her again for help. This time, we wanted to sell our home so that we could move back to the east coast, in a relatively quick manner. Emily wasted no time in giving us a professionally prepared outline of her plans to market our home. She was very sensitive to our timeline line needs and worked around the clock to help us prepare our home to be placed on the market. We were able to sell our home substantially over the asking price, within 12 days! Needless to say, we were extremely pleased with Emily's hard work, persistence and professionalism.

Throughout both of our transactions with Emily, she made us feel as if we were her only clients (although we knew very well that she is a very busy agent). She was also very sensitive to our family's needs as we have young children. She took care of all of the details which go into buyer and selling a home and made both experiences as painless as possible.

Perhaps, above all, is Emily's ability to be a great problem solver. No matter what bumps in the road came up (and they always do with big transactions such as purchasing or selling a home), she was able to remain calm and professional and help us through the situation. Additionally, her financial background really gives Emily an advantage over other agents in being able to work with the numbers and work through fiscal challenges.

We would like to highly recommend Emily Lim to any home buyer or seller. She is truly one of the best in the business and we couldn't be more pleased with our experiences working with her.

Best of luck to youwith your home purchase or sale!


Dale & Noushin Baumann
Redwood Shores

Letter of Reference for Emily Lim

Last year Alicia and I decided to sell our condominium and buy a house on the peninsula. Anyone familiar with this area will attest to the difficulty of the process where overbids and multiple bids are the norm.

With that in mind, we decided to employ the best real estate agent we know, Emily Lim of RE/MAX of Redwood Shores.

Emily was fantastic. She advised us on every aspect of the real estate transcation process from the loan process, getting a line of credit for a down payment, to getting pre-approved for the new house. She advised us on how to upgrad our condominium to maximize our investment return, even recommending people to do the work. Everyone she recommended was great!

Next, Emily listed to what we were looking for and not only identified candidate properties, but also opened out eyes to other opportunities. We like her approach of "thinking outside the box."

In the end Emily performed miracles for us. She found a house in San Carlos that perfectly suited our needs. She then arranged our purchase of the property prior to the home going on the market, and di so purely on the reputation and trust she has earned in her many years as a real estate agent. Other agents want to work with her and that worked to our advantage. The bottom like is that we have our dream house due, in very large part to Emily's hard work, dedication, professionalism, and reputation of honesty within the real estate community.

Finally, Emily found a buyer for our condominium and all of the buy and sell transactions were finalized within a week of each other... it was truly a transaction masterpiece!

Alicia and I continue to be amazed at what Emily was able to accomplish for us. She is worthy of your trust, and we highly recommended her... Emily is the best of the best!


Stephen & Alicia Van Fleteren
San Carlos

To whom it may concern:

We are extremely impressed with Emily Lim's knowledge of the real estate market and strongly recommend her if you are planning to buy or sell a home in this area. We have known Emily Lim for approximately two years. We first met her with we purchased our home in Redwood Shores in 2004. Emily was representing the seller then; another agent was representing us.

We have purchased homes all over the world and must comment on Emily's professionalism, knowledge of the market and the area, dedication to buyer and seller, and - above all other things - her integrity.

Emily's organiztional and communication skills, interaction with others, sound judgement, reliability, attention to detail, and analytical abilities are noteworthy.

When we recently listed our home for sale in Redwood Shores, Emily Lim was our first and only choice as Listing Agent. During the negotiation process, she made it a point to secure the highest possible price for our home. As a matter of fact, she set a new record high in this exclusive neighborhood.

As selling a home can be stressful, Emily's calm and reassuring demeanor were a blessing! She always returned calls and e-mails promptly and worked above and beyond what was expected to resolve even the tiniest issue. As evidenced by our dealings with the Redwood Shores Owners' Association, Emily is also a respected member of the community.

Emily Lim is truly an asset to the world of real estate, and we highly recommend her to anyone selling or purchasing a home.


Michael & Beverly Damron
Redwood Shores

To Home Buyers or Sellers:

When you are about to make one of the biggest investments of your life, who will you call? We called Emily Lim.

When we sold our townhouse in 1983, we were impressed with the buyer’s agent, Emily Lim, and how she negotiated a good deal for her client. When we wanted to sell our home in October of 2004, we turned to Emily.

A superior real estate agent must possess many skills. Some of them include: 1. Knowing the market as well as the legality of real estate transactions 2. Understanding the selling process including showing, pricing and selling 3. Organizing a team of employees as well as independent contractors 4. Skillfully and tactfully negotiating with other agents and with buyers 5. Crunching and, more importantly, explaining numbers to make the deal right 6. Dealing with all parties with honesty and integrity 7. A sense of humor

Emily has all of these skills. But what sets her apart from other agents and makes her the best are two qualities: her ability to listen and her quiet way of focusing on the issue. From the very beginning of the process, Emily demonstrated these skills. Emily listened to our goals and the details about our home. When it was time to discuss her strategy, she did it with the details of house (and us) clearly in mind. She did not present a “pre-packaged” plan, but rather a focused goal (selling at the best price) and multiple strategies. When my wife and I would disagree on something, Emily never ignored the disagreement. Although we were not her only clients at the time, her organizational ability and her attentiveness make us feel as if we were. If anything arose, we came to trust that Emily would either handle matter directly or have her team take care of it – always quickly and calmly. In fact, Emily’s quiet confidence amid the hectic pace of our sale allowed us to relax and enjoy the sale of our home.

So who will you call? If you’re smart, Emily Lim.


Ed & Kris Chiosso
Foster City

Emily represented me in selling my exiting home and the purchase of a new home in the latter part of 2004.

Emily is an individual filled with drive and enthusiasm as well as personal commitment to excellence. Emily takes pride in her work, and is committed to quality. I found her and staff to be very accessible and communicated well during the process of buying and selling my properties. Emily has a strong financial background which is unique in this industry. She enjoys an excellent reputation in the real estate industry and my interactions with her confirmed these accolades. After a short period of time I grew to respect and trust Emily. Emily is a true professional.

Susan Stone
Redwood Shores

My husband and I had the good fortune to work with Emily Lim as both a buyer’s agent (in 1998) and a seller’s agent (in 2004.) Emily was a wonderful advisor in both situations. As a buyer’s agent she helped us to define what we were looking for and weigh the tradeoffs as we looked at properties. Emily was a great listener and didn’t try to sell us “up” from our price range. She ultimately helped us to find a great house in the desirable Aragon neighborhood in San Mateo. We naturally turned to Emily when we were considering selling our house in early 2004. Emily gave us great advice that I believe helped us maximize the selling price of our home. She advised us to sell as soon as was comfortable given the interest rate situation and the low supply of houses on the market in our neighborhood. However, she gently recommended that we update our kitchen and secure the help of a stager to make our home look as attractive as possible. To our utter amazement, she had a contractor at our door the next day, who then proceeded to schedule our kitchen update and other renovations for the next two weeks. Clearly, Emily had connections in the right places! The stager arrived two days after our initial meeting with Emily. Again, her ability to martial the right resources in record time to help us get our house ready at a fast pace just floored us. Then, when the house was ready, she took care of many last minute details as we had relocated to North Carolina by then. We especially appreciated Emily’s expertise in pricing our house, scheduling the open houses, running the schedule of offer collection and marketing the property. I truly believe that we would not have received nearly as high of an offer without Emily’s help.

I recommend her as a real estate agent wholeheartedly and would be happy to answer questions or speak on her behalf.


John & Wendy Phillips
North Carolina

Emily Lim
Emily Lim
282 Redwood Shores Pkwy Redwood City CA 94065